“Lost Chinese Secrets On How To Be Bigger Thicker Naturally”

An all-natural method to help have 3 inch new growth in less than 1 month…

Dear Friend,

I have been researching male enhancement ever since a Tantra client told me about the humiliating sting of a lover who said their “little soldier” wasn’t quite up to snuff. So he went on to try everything like pills, extenders, patches, pumps and he just felt horrible.  

Why? Well, because for the most part, 80% of the information out there in regards to penis enlargement and male enhancement is false. Incorrect. Myths. Urban Legends. So get all of that trash out of your mind now before we move forward.

This client and I were testing out all these methods together. He’d bring in a new device that looked like a plastic toy and we’d slip it on his soft penis just to get a giggle. Then out of nowhere appeared a book I had lost during my move to Oregon after visiting a Taoist Master. I was a pupil of his from acupuncture school. He used to do a lot of “toilet zen” about how natural redheads are more sexual and I’d tease back about how Asians have small dicks. Then on that one trip he hands me a book on male enhancement that looked older than the bible. 

Hold onto your pants because this letter may be one of the most helpful pieces of information about penis enlargement you will ever read.

Here’s why: In “the West,” penis length and girth is usually thought of as something you have to horribly live with. Typically, we just take a magic pill, get a pump or have surgery.

Yet in China, a country with a recorded history that dates back more than 5,000 years of sexuality practices including the first cock ring, Sexual Taoist-who were naturally smaller than the average American-understood all penises were a Vajra, and you can literally grow your penis.

With this came the power of a large penis to help you accomplish anything and everything you want
out of life because all that you did was backed by sexual confidence. Because of this you would see warriors oscillating gold weights attached to their penis.

Some of the methods were even more barbaric like 11 needles in very sensitive places others involved a gentler approach. This lost book contained 7 methods in all. 

I used just one of the methods in this Lost book on my client. I want to share with you his testimonial:

“Kali Bliss is an angel from heaven. I started to feel more [sensation] that was how I knew something was working. More circulation too. The girth is what I noticed the most. I still often do the drills she taught me. It’s been a couple years. Works compared to what I’ve tried in the past. Even thought about surgery at one point.” -James Price Flagstaff, Arizona

Here are some of the things you will discover with this method: 
Safe, effective and natural Chinese Secrets to help enlarge your
penis from 1″ to 3″, not only lengthen, but help thicken your penis. You
 WILL see results in the first 4-6 weeks!


  1. Dedicated techniques to help straighten curvature of the penis.

  2. How to help create a bigger (mushroom) head on your penis.
Increase circulation for a overall fitter penis.
How to develop a more muscular looking penis
. You’ll be amazed to discover how your desired penis is now within reach.

Why you should listen to me?

Well I’ve helped countless men, many of whom had wasted money on “pumps and potions,” I 
discovered while studying with Sexual Taoist Masters a simple, yet reliable method, that gives men in the West the size they were lacking for so

The number of men that struggle from size and girth problems in the
 Orient, is much higher than you might think. In J. Philippe Rushton’s 
study, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, according to 
his research on the differences of penis size based on culture:
Orientals 3.0 – 5.0″ 1.25″
Caucasians 5.5 – 6″ 1.3 – 1.6″ 
Blacks 6.25 – 8″ 2″

Based on my personal experience having been initiated into Sexual
 Lineages, the men I learned sexual enhancement from were born
naturally smaller and they taught me all their secrets.
 I really think professor Rushton’s study is right about the correlation to race and penis size. How many stereotypes do you know that are true? And awkwardly most of society jokes about the truth to make it not a big issue.

Truth is, it is a big issue and what I have listed below doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I cover in this private course on Lost Chinese Bigger Thicker Naturally Secret to Enhancing Your Prized Organ.

 Who else would like to have help on the following?

- 1-2″ inches gain in length + girth widening.

- Fuller, Harder & Longer than ever before. (I walk my talk. If didn’t see results with my own two eyes I would close down my site)
- this has helped many gain PERMANENT results.
 Of course, huge satisfaction with your penis enlargement results 
(don’t forget the immense pleasure with the ladies).

- 100% Safe! I will not show you how to needle your penis. Get your mind out of the gutter. These are just the soft version. If you would like the more intense version let me know in a private email.

No money-risk involved. My Dvd, CD and book come with a 1-year 100% 
money-back guarantee.
 Once you get started watching the DVD and listening to the CD, you’ll 
be hooked. When you start doing this method, your sexual power
 will expand beyond belief-and quickly, too.

Contents Shipped and Sold Confidentially (only you will know what the contents are)

At this point you’re probably wondering “How Much?” Tis a good question, is it not?
 Fact is, several of my best customers believe I should charge at least $1,000 for this information. After all, when you consider that:
No one else has ever taught it to the “West” before. And …
The likelihood of you ever meeting a Sexual Taoist Master even if you
 did travel to China and…The likelihood of ever getting an acupuncturist to agree to “teach all” in a 
private enhancement session…

…I have to agree. This information is worth AT LEAST that much.

 really, it’s worth much, much more! In fact, when you consider the
changes it can make in your life. How much would you gladly pay to
 have a magic wand given to you that can make your life immensely 

Each year the average person spends an incredible sum of money on
”empty pleasures.” These are pleasures that don’t really lead to 
anything other than the pleasure of “the moment.” Lost Chinese Secrets ANYTHING but that.

Consider this: How much would you have paid to have surgery or to get 
a pump that actually works without all the side effects? I’m sure
 you’ll agree, you would have paid thousands of dollars.
 And consider this: How much do people spend on those little blue
 pills, on devices, on surgery-and so on-often
 with major setbacks and consequences?

Answer: An awful lot.

Yet, none of the above can give you the pleasure that the Lost Chinese
 Secrets can. None of the above can “give you the power” to change your 
life for the better… and in all areas of your life.
 Don’t know about you, but I value my health more than anything. And 
when I come across a natural “system” that gives superior health and happiness, let me tell you, I jump on it -especially when it’s on
something pleasurable, like SEX.

The “good news” is that I’m not going to charge you $1000 to learn this system.
In fact, although I do intend to price this system at $149 – for the
 next 48 hours, as part of a special, I’m going to give you a $100 
discount. This means I’m going to make it available to you for only 
$39 plus S&H.

That is not only a helluva bargain – it is an absolute steal!

Plus, I’ll give you a bonus manual valued at $45 on Kama Sutra Secrets For Deep Penetration With Any Size!!!


But I only got 7 of those 
Manuals… So order now, before I run out!

One final point: I’m not sure how long I’ll even be able to keep this program on the market. I have undertaken a significant risk to bring 
this from China to the U.S. I sincerely hope you understand what I
Click the “Buy Now” button below and place your order now!



With Love and Light,

Kali Bliss

P.S. Remember all packages are shipped discreetly. No one will no the contents inside the package or who it is from. 


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